The Challenge:

Malmö Archive was looking for a new type of interacting with the city in order to re-enact important & historical milestones from Malmö.

The Limitations:

User testing was limited to students around us and prototyping a full functional game was a challenge.

The Solution:

#The Plan is the result of a 10 week project in which a team of 5 interaction designers developed a game based on an historical event. The game is meant to be a collaborative media service that inspires it’s users to explore the city of Malmö, Sweden, visit touristic locations and learn about the city. The chosen event, the game evolves around, was the Amalthea deed. Amalthea is a bombing that occurred in Malmö in 1908, set to scare off english strikebreakers. The tension it created helped in the development of the workers movement.

The project went through several design processes: research, place-storming sessions, user tests, user scenarios, and different levels of prototyping.

My role:

UX and UI designer in a team of 5.

Project Details

Client City Fables Research Group

Date April, 2015

Skills Game Design, UX, Wire framing, Prototyping

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Historical Matching Through Animated Characters

The designers chose to use animals as a representation of historical characters so that Malmö citizens would understand their personalities faster and it would gasify their learning experience.

Wire frames & User Journeys

The game consisted of many levels, gps tracking, micro games and constant communication with the characters.

Re-enacting History

While you move through Malmö to continue quests by collecting items, following in-game dialogues and playing micro games, you get involved with the ‘Amalthea Men’ and rediscover history.

Custom animations

The designers chose to narrate the story inspired by Amalthea in detail. Between each level a short story would be introduced.



In total the game counted with 4 levels with unique micro games, animations and introduced new characters.