The Challenge:

Home Dynamics solicited an Interactive Display to present their available homes, community essence & builder strategy.


The Limitations:

The size of the TV, the placement of the TV and all the physical aspects of the installation were handled by an interior design external to our team.


The Solution:

An interactive platform that can expand to multiple communities. For this project we both designed the front-end of the application for the final user and the backend so that future communities could update their information without a hassle.

The application was designed with the intent of being easy to use by a sales man pitching to a buyer and for a curious buyer to interact without the sales man. The inspiration for the solution came from websites like, google maps, etc. in which the user can filter and handle many layers of information.


My role:

UX and UI designer in a team of 4.

The Structure

The platform was built in order to be able to expand to an infinite number of floor plans, community maps and available lots. At the left side, there is a menu that handles the top-most categories within the system. The user can then change between categories but these are always kept present & with quick access.


The Floor Plan category took us the longest to develop as it is here where the user will spend the most amount playing and deciding what home fits their needs best. We set different interaction patterns depending on the action the user wanted to perform: from adding furniture to a floor plan, to comparing up to 2 floor plans in one screen or sharing / emailing the layout to different people.


The Community

The platform had many layers of information and had to be both designed simultaneously in the front end and the backend. There were several iterations of the platform in order to fit different categories, from video displays, multiple imagery to Points of Interest from diverse communities.

The future of the platform was to integrate a table so that the sales man could control the TV from far away as well, simultaneously as the user touched the screen.