The Challenge:

Create a playful interaction that reflects / enhances the environment inside Malmö Live.

The Limitations:

This was a school project, we created an interactive projection through glass but due to limited equipment the projection and availability of the project was limited.

The Solution:

Awaken Optimistorkestern is a place-specific toy for adults. It has been designed for a public outdoor area at a newly build concert house in Malmö Sweden, called Malmö Live. The design was inspired by the most photographed sculpture in Malmö, Optimistorkestern by Yngve Lundell. The sculpture consists of four musicians, a trumpet, tuba and oboe, and a conductor and stands in the city centre of the Malmö, Sweden. The toy is a projection of the marching musicians on the windows of Malmö Live. As the public walks in front of them, the musicians turn to the public and release a note.

My role:

UX and UI designer in a team of 2.


Project Details

Play and Ludic Interaction Exploration

Date November, 2015

Skills Game Design, UX, Kinect, Prototyping

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Using Kinect

We started this installation by realizing that Malmö Live lacked some playful interactions. After prototyping, we experimented with Kinect to see how best to achieve the playful interaction desired.

Multiple Designs Tested

Because glass was an unknown surface for us in relation to projections and lighting. We adjusted the design of the musicians and experimented with surfaces multiple times.

Testing on Glass