The Challenge:

Get more people interested in a train ride from Paris to Nice.

The Limitations:

Only one of the identified solutions or ideas could be executed as final. In other words, choose only one method of attracting the customer. Time given was around 1 week.

The Chosen One:

An extraordinary journey. The chosen solution was to sell the train ride by extraordinary journeys from other passengers and by creating a unique in-train experience. By gamifying landmarks, sharing stories, insider tips and creating events on the train.

My role:

UX and UI designer. This project was inspired by a conceptual strategy for French trains.


Project Details

Conceptual Project

Date September, 2015

Skills UI, UX, Wire framing, Prototyping, Axure


User Experience

To come up with the best solutions, 4 key experiences were identified to know what the user goes from booking to destination. First, the user looks for information and books his/her ticket (A). Second, the user has booked the ticket and is waiting to start the trip and has the possibility to look at what to expect in the train, the landscapes and the destination (B). Third, the user starts the trip, is 5-7 hrs in the train and during this experience the user has to feel like he is in a restaurant, enjoying a glass of wine, listening to the guide and enjoying the landscape (C). When the user arrives to his/her destination they should have a new idea of what traveling in train to the south of France is like so it is an ideal time to evaluate the journey or reward the traveler for completing the journey (D).