Let’s start at the beginning.

I am a Colombian, I was born in Sweden and I was raised in Mexico. I am currently living in Sweden but I have lived in South Africa a few months & in the US for the last previous years. So, my first illustration is the vague memory I have of being in Sweden as a toddler.


3-year old painting enthusiast.

Moved to Tijuana, a whole new continent with my family. I remember many adventures adapting to Mexico (heat, beach, latin culture) together with my sisters. This is when I decided to start drawing and it soon became an everyday activity.

Art & Design became

my passion.

Living in Mexico City, a 26 million people city, has it’s strange habits.

I had a little green car I moved through the city with. My main focus throughout this years was my love for Frida Kahlo, art and exploring new places.

A haunted city
in which I learned how to advertise.

Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities I have been in. The moss, the cemeteries and the art students roaming the streets. I studied my bachelors in SCAD. Here is where I met the first guy I fell involve with, where I learned my try love for computer graphics and passion for razor scooting through the city.

A tan, well-fed

and innovative visual designer.

I must say I moved to Florida because it was warm and beautiful, but it was a very good decision in regards to introducing me to design. Here, I learned about social innovation, ad trends and how to bike in 30-degree weather.

In Tampa I also learned my long lost love for beers and burgers. Yes, it sounds American, but you just gotta try them.

I grabbed a jacket, a UX toolkit and moved to Sweden.

I realized that, although I love graphic design, I had to go further into interaction design to keep up with tech trends.

In Malmö, I am pursuing a Masters in Interaction Design. It was hard leaving my life in the US but the design culture is amazing! I still go around in a bike and met incredible classmates.

A designer in search of

user experiences.

I decided to take an adventure for one summer and do an internship in South Africa. Cape Town was an amazing city that had all the creativity you could ask for, amazing nature experiences and new cultures to explore.

I worked as a UI/UX designer in a small Digital Agency. Here, I learned how to use programs like Axure or Invision to the fullest.

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